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Dart Worlds 2013 - Carnac FRA


Final ranking here


Champions of the XV th

Dan Norman crewed by Jess Day win a second titleWd2013 day06 019Medium

a first title in Torbole 2007, tow second places in Workum 2008 and Knokke 2011 ;  Dan Norman rises again on the first step et become the XVth Dart World Champion. He's now member of the very private club of the "Doubled World Champions".

A performance for this crew formed specially for the Worlds, with just a Sunday afternoon training as preparation.

John et Imogene Pierce meet themselves on the second step of the podiumWd2013 day05 014Medium

John is a well know bristish catamaran sailor. He'd been engaged in two Olympics preparation. Not really involved in the International circuit, John still on of the sharpest helm of the british fleet.

Imogene is the macot of the team GBR. We saw her running the last Worlds with beautiful results. 

Fot those XV th Worlds, the father and daughter formed a great team for an amazing result, two first places, and three places of second wich erase a BFD and a DSQ.

Who led the other on the podium ?

Brian and Katy Phipps picks up the bronze medal

Wd2013 d01 002Medium

These last years, we had known Brian Phipps with a screwdriver supporting the Dart sailors on the british circuit and abroard. It was to forget that Brian is a also a great helm. Crewed by his daughter, Brian finished third of the XV th Worlds, with not less than three first places. the best score of this championship. The two BFD of the second day were just a bad souvenir for this pillar of the Dart class.

Hervé Le Maux winner of the 2013 french Nationals

Wd2013 day05 022Medium

A great result for this great sailor. Vice World Champion in 1999, 2002, 2003, always in the top 10; Hervé achieved theses XV th Worlds on the fifth place and first Franch sailor, with a first place race and another of second. He teamed up with Tom Garca, a youg hope of the YCC Skiff team. 

Pictures of the Worlds

the Movie

5 mn of souvenirs.

Wd2013 openc 019Medium

Opening Ceremony

Parade trough Carnac Plage, officials speech and Team presentation under the Dart Center.

Wd2013 d01 055Medium

Day 01 - Sunday 7 th of july

Three races

Wd2013 day02 032Medium

Day 02 - Monday 8 th of july

Two races 

Day 03 - Tuesday 9 th of julyWd2013-day03-002Small

Trois courses

Day 04 - Wesneday 10 th of julyDay04-Small

Reserved day - sea excursion to Houat island

Gala party - Wesneday 10 th of julyWd2013-gala-050Small

White night and Big Band

Day 05 - Thursday 11 th of julyWd2013-day05-046Small

Three races 

Day 06 - Friday 12 th of julyWd2013-day06-033Small

Two races, prices giving and closing party 

Rights & uses 

The pictures of the Worlds were realized by Pierrick Contin. Rights of use belong to the afiDart.
They are in free download on this site for a personal use. For a commercial use, first get in touch with afiDart.

Une formidable aventure humaine ...

Quand l’association Brestoise « Orion » a contacté les organisateur du XV mondial Dart 18 à Carnac, même si l’idée de faire participer des mal voyants pouvait sembler folle, nous n’avons pas hésité une seconde. L'objectif annoncé était de faire partager à des déficients visuels une saison de régates en catamaran à haut niveau avec en point d'orgue la participation au XVe Mondial Dartimage001

Etant moi-même dans l’équipe d’organisation de ce mondial et coureur en Dart et localisé en Bretagne Nord, j’ai tout de suite pris le projet à cœur en planifiant quelques entrainements avec comme premier jalon la participation à l’Eurocat en mai où les équipages pouvaient déjà se frotter à une flotte  dense (250 catamarans) dans des conditions de régate de haut niveau (championnat de France inter-série).